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International Conferences

Humanities and Applied Sciences Creativity and Development (HASCD) Under the slogan “With Ambitious we Rise Towards the Summits”

From 16-15 / April / 2020 in Al-Salam Hall, at Al-Nahrain University. And Donnie Gourg Hall in the Iraqi National Museum. Applied and human sciences play a fundamental role in the world of knowledge today, especially as all sciences are launched from it in an attempt to achieve community development on various human levels that appear with somewhat diverse scientific and social issues. In particular, the development of societies depends on the development of knowledge and the extent of its contribution as a basic actor in development in all its fields. The rise of nations and their development depends on the contribution of universities and institutions in studying the obstacles that society suffers from and finding appropriate solutions for at, as these sciences do not compete with each other as much as they complement each other in the service of humanity and humanity as a whole without looking at the variations. ((The title of conference came to understand the human being and what is going on around him with all its complications is not an easy thing, which requires the overlap of many sciences in an attempt to monitor what is happening to this organism that remains subject to study at anytime and anywhere without understanding the past and the present and looking ahead)) Through this international conference, we will try to answer many of the problems posed by people from different fields of science in an attempt to understand the reality today and try to monitor these challenges to find ways to build societies capable of addressing their fundamental problems. The conference try to achieve a various levels by tackling the most important contemporary issues that arise in the field of various sciences in light of the expectations and future prospects.